Sleep does not help relearning declarative memories in older adults

How sleep affects memory in older adults is a critical topic, since age significantly impacts both sleep and memory. For declarative memory, previous research reports contradictory results, with some studies showing sleep-dependent memory …

The Sensory-dependent nature of audio-visual interactions for semantic knowledge

The nature of audio-visual interactions is poorly understood for meaningful objects. These interactions would be indirect through semantic memory according to the amodal nature of knowledge, whereas these interactions would be direct accord- ing to the modal nature of knowledge.

The Sensory nature of knowledge: Generalization vs . specification mechanisms

The aim of the present study was to show the perceptual nature of conceptual knowledge and the dialectic between conceptual and episodic knowledge. We used an original paradigm adapted from Brunel, Labeye, Lesourd, Versace study (in press) .