Physical-distinctiveness in the Simon game: A spatial sequence recall task

sept. 26, 2019 10:00 — 11:30
Tenerife, Espagne

Simon game consists of four tiles associated with distinct colors, sounds and spatial positions where people have to reproduce the longest recall of spatial sequences. This game relies on working memory and possibly episodic memory. However, it remains to determine what drive the game. Students completed an adapted version in which the modality (visual, auditory, bimodal) and the distinctiveness (low or high) were manipulated. Spatial recall was the highest in the distinct bimodal condition (red, green, blue, yellow associated with specific tones) and the lowest in the visual low distinctiveness condition (4 grey squares associated with a white noise). The other conditions were in between these two extremes. These results suggest that the visual distinctiveness is important, but audio information also contributes to the task. These data may help to develop playful cognitive stimulation with various difficulty levels in aging as this population is characterized by altered pattern separation processes.